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How courageous Christians Respond to Islam’s Internal Crises
SIM – Benjamin Hegeman.
Room 503

The focus of Benjamin’s presentation is to help those involved in outreach to their Muslim friends and neighbours to have a good understanding of their faith and practice and culture. Islam is unlike any other religion. Evan to those born into this faith, Islam is a vastly complex worldview filled with internal conflicts.  Discerning Christians who study Islam  thoroughly and biblically, become exceptionally gifted at graciously helping  individual  Muslims to find their “way home” to the Lord Jesus. Or again, God uses them to travel worldwide and teach frontline Christians  how to engage Muslims.

Mission as Story and Calling 
Thomas Froese (Plenary speaker)
Room 505/506

We have one life to live, only one life given each of us. As Paul put it, “Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him.” (I Corinth 7.17a). In this seminar veteran journalist Thomas Froese will share his own experience in discovering what it is to be called to this “one life.” In this, you will be encouraged to find joy in the story and journey of your own calling.

Navigating Missions for Healthcare Providers
Samaritans’ Purse – Dr Sarah Hudgins 
Room 507

In this seminar, you will hear some of the unique challenges healthcare professionals face in the mission field, as well as unique opportunities open to healthcare providers and suggestions for ways to prepare for healthcare work overseas.

How God is Using His Word to Transform Africa
Wycliffe Bible Translators – Shelly Lyons
Room 508

God is doing amazing things through Bible translation and other related ministries to bring people to Himself, heal their brokenness, and improve their lives! Come explore with me the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators in Ethiopia and a and the Democratic Republic of Congo and see how God’s Word continues to transform lives!

In Spirit and Truth: What Scripture says about worship
Music Seminar – Matt Bustin
Room 526

Join members of the band as they explore what the bible says about worship and look at how we can honour these commands through contemporary music and praise.

Returnee Struggles

OMF International CanadaC.Y. Yan
Room 527

Did you know that 80% of the international students who profess faith in Christ while studying overseas drop off the scene completely within two years of return to their home country?  What is the problem?  What can we do to send them back well?  Please come and explore this together.

If You Tell Me, I’ll Have to Kill You…

Frontiers – Adam Janzen
Room 528

[Warning: This seminar is rated 18+ for themes of violence.]
Islam is often associated with violence. Evidence supports the idea that violence has existed in historical narratives of Islam. When an act of terror happens today, many are quick to expect a Muslim source to the incident. This seminar will focus on specific violent themes in Islam’s history, presenting the context of events, up to the modern period. Reasons for violence will be explored. Responses to violence will be presented. Come expecting to participate.

Living in Community: Celebrating Diversity as a Model of Ministry
Dr. Lennett Anderson (Plenary Speaker)
Room 530/531

Diversity is our strength! Let’s not tolerate but celebrate the Mosaic of the Kingdom. God calls the church to overcome fear, to care for others, and to bear the responsibility of building a community of hospitality and peace. Our local congregations can become Models of Ministry where people from richly diverse cultures and backgrounds can come together, as unified believers, and speak a common language – love. Globalization has changed our whole world; the world is at our doorsteps. So a Church in the community should seek to have the Community in the Church.

Bring your kid to work day 

Capernwray Jay McIntyre
Room 533A

God is in the business of inviting us into His work each and every day which makes the mission field exactly where your feet are.  We will look at how availability is the essential key to joining in God’s work.


Teaching English in Dangerous Places: ESL and the Spread of the Gospel

PioneersTobi Zurbuchen
Room 502

ESL is one of the fastest growing industries in the world – there are unprecedented  opportunities to impact unreached peoples. Pulling from a decade of stories and experience in East Asia we will explore practical ways to be both an ethical ESL professional and a devoted follower of Jesus globally.

Redemptive Themes in the Qurʾan

Frontiers – Adam Janzen

Room 503

Since the days of Don Richardson and his book Peace Child missiologists have been looking for redemptive themes in other cultures and religions. This seminar will explore redemptive themes found within the Qurʾan and demonstrate how it can be used as a tool to point Muslims to Jesus, THE Redeemer. The lives of other prophets as written about in the scripture of Muslims will show God’s hand of redemptive work for humankind. 

Medicine in Mission
Dr. Jean Chamberlain-Froese (Plenary Speaker)
Room 505/506

Experiences, problems, challenges and thrills of sharing Jesus love through medicine beyond the comfortable boundaries of Canada.

The Church, the Nations, and Re-gathered Israel: Why the Church should care about Israel

Bridges for Peace Eric Malloy 
Room 507

We will cover the great commission – disciples making disciples, and a light to the nations. It will include discipleship and prophecy, the relevance of the Abrahamic covenant, the criteria for judgement of sheep and goat nations, related Scriptures, and application to contemporary mission and ministry.

World View Language and Culture: the importance of learning both Exposure

ETHNOS (originally New tribes Mission) Mike Grant
Room 508

When we go to another location or people group we must enter as learners and in order to effectively teach the Word of God we must learn not only their language but we must learn their culture. Language and culture study must go hand in hand and there is a difference between Culture and World View. Discussion on why we must learn what they believe in order to effectively reach them.

How do I know if I am called.  Is there a call to missions?
One Mission Society (OMS) Canada – Mark Kroes
Room 526

Are there other calls that may came from God?  This seminar will help Christ-followers sort through the process of understanding the Biblical concept of calling and to prioritize the various calls we may receive.

How to Enhance Discipleship in Short-Term Missions
SEND – Merla Gogel
Room 527

Based on a recent study by the EFC, most pastors agree that STMs are an important form of discipleship for their local congregation.  About 2/3 of pastors agreed that “the spiritual growth of the mission team members is the primary purpose of these (mission) trips.”  Many pastors would like to see impact on the field; but they also hope that the missions team members will experience lasting spiritual change personally.  The workshop will offer  suggestions and tools for enhancing the discipleship impact of Short-Term Missions.

Pass Me Another Brick 
Men for Missions – Marlowe Janke
Room 528

How men can use their trades, talents, and leadership skills to invest in the Kingdom of God as we go On Mission with Jesus? This seminar is for those who are interested in making a difference in our world!! A ministry at home and a mission around the globe. This could be the start  Of  your Life Changing Journey.

Challenges and Opportunities of serving in a Creative Access Context
Dr Patrick Fung (Plenary Speaker)
Room 530/531

According to research, more than 80% of the world live in Creative Access Situations – places that do not welcome missionaries or religious workers.  Yet there are still many living in those areas that do not have access to or have not heard the good news.  What are some of the opportunities and challenges of serving in a Creative Access Context?  How can we share the good news of Jesus in all its fullness to these people?

Touching Lives for Jesus through Teaching Overseas
Faith Accademy – Philippines – Harold Penner and Anne Penner 
Room 532

If you love kids, love God and are committed to missions, God could use you to impact kids for eternity   in many types of schools around the world. Come to this seminar to learn more about the needs and opportunities.

“Imago Dei” Genesis 1:26-27

YWAM Joel Calabrese
Room 533A

We will look at Gen 1:26-27 and see how that carries through the whole Bible. I hope this will be a facilitated discussion on what that implies. Every human on the planet is made in God’s Image. How should this impact our decisions and how we act?  This will lead into Jesus as the incarnation and how we carry on that Way. We could discuss what that means locally in a post-Christendom  context or what that means when in a cross-cultural context.

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