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How the Bible Translation Movement is Impacting Asia
Wycliffe Bible Translaters – Shelly Lyons.
Room 503

Dance and storytelling in West Asia, language development in East Asia, language survey in Southeast Asia, and ESL classes in Thailand… what do all of these things have in common? Bible translation! How are these related to Bible translation? Come join us to find out and see how God is on the move in Asia!

You’re Called to Much More
Foundation Ministries – Pastor Marie Miller (Plenary speaker)
Room 505

The heart of the Lord is missions, and our involvement is in His mission; so where does the purpose of a believer end?

Do! Go! Give Anything God asks
Men for missions – Marlowe Janke
Room 507

What would the world be like if I made and kept the promise to DO Anything, Go Anywhere and GIVE Anything that God would ask of me? What would I be like? How would it change me or my family and friends? Could it Change the World? How is it even possible?

The Mind of a Muslim.
Reach Across – Perry Zelman.
Room 508

This shares some of the barriers a Muslim would have to break through before accepting the idea of Christianity. Barriers such as our Western/Christian culture, family hurdles and support system issues. The seminar will also discuss ways in sharing the gospel with a Muslim.

6 Ways to Reach God’s World
Overseas Missionary Fellowship – Verdell Goulding
Room 526

What’s your role in God’s global mission? “6 Ways to Reach God’s World” will help you discover how you can be involved in missions through Learning (about mission needs and solutions), Praying (passionately & strategically), Going cross-culturally, Sending (which includes giving), Welcoming internationals here in our midst, and Mobilizing others to fill the strategic roles for which God has gifted them. God has a role for you! Come discover what that could be.

Dying Congregations or Mission Frontiers? New opportunities for old churches in the 21st Century
Acadia University – Stephen McMullen
Room 527

Churches that do ministry as they did in 1970 will die. But that does not mean there is no hope for older churches. If anything, the opportunity for older churches to have significant impact for the Kingdom is greater than ever. This seminar will provide practical information about congregational revitalization through mission.

Think Evangelism
Commission to Every Nation – Heath Meikle
Room 528

A gospel oriented approach to cultural engagement in your neighbourhood.

Seminar on Music. Songwriting and the Arts in Worship.
Band:” We the Rescued”, with Chris Burke, Josh Docksteader and Elijah McDougall
Room 530/531

A look at encouraging the arts in worship as well as exploring songwriting for your church, to illustrate a sermon or express the heart of your church.

Who is your neighbour?
SIM – Dr. Elias Mutale
Room 533a

With the arrival of immigrants and refugees to Canada, many churches and Christians are open and eager to reach out to these new Canadians. This workshop will help you and your church learn how to identify your new neighbours and the most effective ways to build trust relationships with them that in time can provide an opportunity to share the Gospel message.

Justice For the Poor
International Justice Mission Canada – Rick and Bronwyn Mooney.
Room 502

IJM is a global organization protecting the poor from violence throughout the developing world. IJM is the world’s largest anti-slavery organization and is answering God’s call to “seek justice and help the oppressed,” by rescuing victims of sexual violence, forced labour slavery, police abuse of power and other forms of violent oppression.

Panel Discussion.
Room 503
Moderators: Tamara & Phillip Elwood
Members: T.B.A.

Title: “Questions you have always wanted to ask about mission life overseas”.

How and Why God is Using Partnerships in the Arabian Peninsula
Kevin Penman. (Plenary Speaker)
Room 505

The task of the Gospel is huge. This seminar will explore biblical principles concerning partnership with examples from the Arabian Gulf. Partnership can be defined as “The unique opportunities in working with the Triune God and the Body of Christ to accomplish the missio Dei under the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.” We will unpack this definition in the context of the Arabian Gulf with the intention of presenting principles that can be applied in multiple ministry situations.

Lessons Learned in Lebanon and What We Can Learn From Them?
Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims.
Canadian Leadership Team – Rob Cornish & Mike Ghiz
Room 507

God is using the events of war to achieve His salvation purposes for Syrians. Syrian and Lebanese churches are being transformed dramatically. The church is loving Muslims who are coming to Christ. Included will be Muslim testimony conversions and a challenge to Canadians, that God can do the same here, as he is doing in Lebanon.

Informing, Interacting and Interceding for Indigenous Mission
Intercede International – James S. Eagles
Room 508

Reviewing the exciting history, growth and development of national missionary movements with a close-up view as to how their work pertains to reaching unreached people groups in the 10/40 Window nations and how we can be active partners at home and abroad with Indigenous Missions.

Explosion of Nationally-led Bible Translation Movement in Africa and Asia.
One Book. – Dennis Shierman
Room 527

In the past 15 years there has been a massive transition in the world of missions. An example of this is the growth of nationally led and staffed Bible translations. This seminar will take us to two countries in Africa and Asia where there has been an increase in translation impact throughnationally led translations.

How Do We Interest Our Young People in Missions Today?
Overseas Missionary Fellowship – Hasell Kerr
Presenter: Melissa Leung, Mobilization Coordinator
Room 528

With our society’s increasing emphasis on financial stability, job security, and personal happiness, how can we raise and engage young people to take the gospel “to the ends of the earth”? In this interactive seminar, we will seek to understand how young people view missions, explore barriers, and discuss practical ways to journey with them.

Grand Central Question
Abdu Murray. ( Plenary Speaker)
Room 530

Every major worldview, whether religious or secular, competes for our attention by claiming to have answers to life’s most important questions. Abdu examines the four fundamental questions each worldview tries to answer and provides a compassionate, yet intellectually compelling case for how Jesus—and Jesus alone— provides answers that satisfy the mind and touch the heart.

Teaching English: Meeting Needs, Both Realized and Unknown
English Language Institute/China – Jolene Dykstra 
Room 532

Teaching overseas creates great opportunities to impact lives. This seminar will discuss the strategies and hurdles to embracing the calling of teaching far from home, and present stories about the depth of influence that English teachers make while sharing their whole life with those around the world.

Preaching the Gospel to Millions of Unreached People In the 10-40 Window.
Bible League Canada. – Gary Gradley.
Room 533A

In India alone, with 1.3 billion people, over 400 million people have never heard the name Jesus Christ. By leveraging local champions, Bible League works in literacy training, church planting and children’s ministry, transforming lives and changing communities. Come and learn how this model and The Living Word of God is reaching the 10-40 Window.

There will be numerous Seminars during the course of the Jesus to the Nations Conference. Seminars cover a wide variety of topics and will allow you to more actively engage the leaders in the area of missions you want to know more about.
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